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10 Amazing Foods To Improve Your Vaginal Health And Keep Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

All people nowadays are paying special attention to the areas of their bodies by keeping them as clean and healthy as possible.

Many times we brush and freshen out teeth and our mouths, moisture the skin and use some treatments on our hair but be underestimate the importance of maintaining a healthy vagina and vaginal health. It is actually very important gateway to our body and as important as the hole in our face for keeping us in a good condition.

One in four women if prone to get minimum one yeast infection in their lives, but, otherwise known as candida, this infection has an impact on the immune system and very often leads to more serious illnesses for example cancer. What is more, more than fifty percent of all women will develop painful urinary track infections during their life, so to know this vaginal health prevention is crucial.

We are going to tell you about some foods that are good in order to keep your vaginal health strong and nice.

Food #1: Probiotics and natural yogurt for vaginal health

Foods that in themselves have natural probiotics are very rich in bacteria cultures that will increase vaginal health, and so, the greek yogurt is for that reason known around the world to ward of infections and also to kill disease and infection causing organisms. There are other foods that are fermented that have this same effect and they are the sauerkraut and the miso.

Food #2: Avocados

This is a food that is actually very rich in potassium and also some vitamin B6 so it will help in producing a natural lubricant for the vagina and therefore help from it becoming dry. There are healthy fats contained in it that can strengthen the vaginal walls and also very important they give the libido a boost.

Food #3: Sweet Potatoes

This food is boosted with very powerful vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins  A and C, B vitamins, fiber, manganese, iron and potassium, and they also help the vaginal and uterine walls to be strong and in a nice health which will increase the body with antioxidants and also help our bodies to produce energy boosting hormones.

Food #4: Pumpkin Seeds

This food is very rich in vitamin E and zinc and helps to maintain regular periods and fight vaginal discomfort and irritation. Every seed, and also nuts help in lubricating the vagina in order to prevent dryness as well as to relieve menstrual cramps.

Food #5: Garlic

This one can help in all kinds of disease and also has a strong antimicrobial and anti fungal properties so it can help to prevent vaginal discharge, UTIs, itching and bad odor of the vagina. It is also known for its power on yeast infections and boosting the overall immune system.

Food #6: Leafy Greens

The foods kale, spinach, collards and Swiss chard are very full in themselves with vitamins A and C, and they are also amazing for normalizing the blood circulation and getting rid of infections. They will also help in reducing and burning sensations in the vagina and prevent the dryness.

Food #7: Cranberry Juice

Today we are all aware of the great benefits from cranberries. It is actually crucial and also very good for the overall vaginal health while also fighting UTI causing bacteria as well as balancing the vagina’s pH levels. In case you are wishing best benefits you shall stay away from sugary cranberry drinks and also try sipping on the purer more natural things, and as well you can eat cranberries on a daily basis in order to take in those healthy acid compounds.

 Food #8: Soy Products

Very often, the soy products get a bad reputation because there exist some myths about how eating soy can cause skin conditions and some health problems. Inside themselves there are included some phytoestrogens and also, plant derived xenoestrogens that can help in improving the vaginal lubrication and preventing the menstrual cramps. The prodicts derived from it, such as edama, also contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that can always help in bettering the menopausal symptoms.

Food #9: Dark chocolate

Even though some people believe the opposite, the chocolate in particular the dark chocolate is actually very good for the immune system because it is very high in antioxidants, healthy minerals, magnesium and natural stimulants. Also, it is believed that it is an aphrodisiac and it is also rich in phenylalanine, that is an amino acid that produces dopamine, which is a chemical that makes you feel good.

Food #10: Apple cider vinegar

This is a natural remedy that comes up as a must in the household for cleaning and consuming, because it has numerous natural enzymes that can fight candida and will encourage the growth of healthy bacteria which in turn minimizes the overgrowth of the disease candida. If you wish to use apple cider vinegar in an effective way to cure yeast problems, is to take it every day in one or two tablespoons in tea.


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