Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Lemon Water Can Solve 13 Of These Problems That You Don’t Need Pills For

A lot of us follow one ritual in the morning: drinking a glass of warm water adding lemon in it. This is perhaps one of the best methods to ensure an intake of antioxidants and vitamins such as C and D. It also adds potassium and some carbohydrates to the body. A large number of people use this to reduce extra weight and most of them swear by using this method. But it is just a few individuals who know that this drink aids our digestion and immunity. It also reduces binge eating since it reduces cravings.

In case you are still not convinced, here are 13 benefits that might end up convincing you about the goodness of good old lemon juice:

1. Treatment of Acne

Fighting Acne becomes easy as lemon juice cleanses any impurities and acidic effects that cause acne. All you must do us rub lemon juice onto the skin gently.

2. Mitigates Formation of Kidney Stones

The potassium present in lemon increases the citrates in our urine, this results in stemming the formation of oxalates, the kidney-stone culprit.

3. Boosts Immunity

Our immunity is boosted by lemon water since it aids the lymphatic system which carries lymph fluid that strengthens immunity.

4. Controls Appetite for Losing Weight

Pectin, which is present in lemon water,suppresses our cravings for food. The vitamins in it also regulate the sugar in our blood. Bile production is also boosted, helping us break down food better and thereby, improving digestion.

5. Ache in Gallbladder

Lemon juice can reduce ache in the gall bladder since it stops the formation of gall bladder stones.

6. Treating Flus and Colds

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which helps expel bacteria and thus aids in relieving flu and cold.

7. Reduces Acid Reflux

One can try replacing generic medicine in favor of lemon water to see if there is any difference in heartburn or acid reflux – two weeks can show wonderful effects.

8. Helps Grow Healthy Fingernails

Lemon juice can get rid of white spots which can occur in our fingernails.They are an indication of unhealthy nails.

9. Diseases from Food

Drinking water with lemon can assist us in digesting food, even bad one,so that you don’t get food poisoning.

10. Fibromyalgia

This condition causes tender spots across the body and makes the muscles painful at certain points. Lemon water can possibly be helpful and make a difference when combined with stretches and regular yoga.

11. Inflammation

When bodies become very acidic, inflammation is bound to occur. But lemon water has anti-inflammatory qualities as it neutralizes acidity and hence, helps rid us of inflammation in our bodies.

12. Muscle Soreness Post Workout

Working out contributes to the buildup of lactic acid inside our bodies and makes us feel sore. Lemon water apparently helps mitigate the pain and must be consumed on a regular basis after a workout.

13. Joint Pain and Swelling

Swelling in joints, as well as the pain, can possibly be treated using lemon water. Lemon water breaks down uric acid which builds up in the joints and hence, reduces the inflammation in them.

Feeling like getting a glass of lemon water yourself now? We sure are!


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