Monday, February 3, 2020

Place a Clothespin on Your Ear For 20 Seconds. The Results Will Surprise You!

Pain is a part of life. Everyone has their own way of managing it, but here is an exclusive method to relieve pain using the ears!

Certified reflexologist Helen Chin writes to her: “Each ear is connected to nerve endings and multiple connectors of the nervous system. »

It is not always possible to stretch in the middle of your office, and the doctor cannot always help with pain… But something as simple as putting a clothespin on your ear? It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Although this method can never replace your doctor’s advice, it is worth a try (whether with a clothespin or simply with your fingertips).
Each of these 6 points on the ear is related to pain in a specific part of the body. By applying pressure to each of these points, you can relieve these ailments.

The upper part of the ear is directly connected to your back and shoulders. Applying a clothespin for about one minute should reduce the accumulated tension. Try this several times a day to reduce back and shoulder pain.

The next point is the one related to the body’s organs. Of course, if you have severe internal pain, you should be seeing a doctor. But for internal discomfort, use a clothespin or your fingers on this area. It can help you relieve your internal pain.

The central part of the ear is the part that is most closely associated with the joints. Applying pressure to this point can relieve joint pain. Chronic problems should require a visit to the doctor,

but why not try this simple method?

The lower central part of the ear is the part connected to the sinuses and throat. When trying to relieve a cold snap or sinusitis, applying pressure to this area can help reduce tension.

Just above the earlobe, it is the place most often associated with digestion. Using a clothespin here can help relieve digestive problems and stomach problems. And if you are a person with a lot of digestive problems, use this method in advance to try to be preventive.

The earlobe is the place that is connected to two of the most important parts of the body: the head and the heart. By applying pressure to the earlobe, it can help the heart to stay healthy and relieve headaches.

If you are a person who prefers natural remedies to treat the little sores of everyday life, then this tip may well be what you were waiting for to relieve yourself of the most common and basic pains.

Although some people choose to attack pain head-on with yoga, or stretching, you will probably be surprised to learn that your ears can help you to stop feeling pain.

“On each ear, we can find a complete map, a reflection of the human body, with countless nerve links and other direct connections to the central nervous system.”

Although the methods below are not intended to replace medical advice, you have nothing to lose by trying them. At least… nothing but your pains and little sores…
On the ear, there are six points that are directly related to the pain and fatigue of your entire body. If you apply some pressure on these points, then you can make some of the pain disappear.

For example, the upper part of your ear corresponds to your back and shoulders. Attach a clothespin to it for one minute to relax your shoulder muscles.
The point just below is connected to your internal organs. Reduce the minimal internal discomfort by pressing here.

The middle of the ear is associated with your joints, so place a clothespin in this area to relieve them.
Below, this area is connected to your sinuses and throat. When allergy season comes, that’s when I could really use it.

Just above the earlobe is the area associated with digestion.
Finally, the earlobe is directly connected to your heart and head. By pressing there, you will relieve all your stress and the pressure you feel every day.


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