Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Powerful Antibiotic And Antiviral That Destroys Any Stubborn Bacteria

I read recently an article about the benefits of grapefruit and honestly I tried this remedy to boost my immune system. And beside the amazing taste you’ll be filled with energy the entire day because it’s an incredible source of vitamins fighting against any infection in your body.

The article said that a specialist in nuclear physics, Dr. Jacob Hairich bit from a grapefruit pit and the bitter taste intrigued him very badly that led him to study thoroughly the substances this seed contains. And the results of his research amazed and continue to amaze the scientific world.

After various researches it’s proven that the substances extracted from grapefruit seeds are a powerful natural antibiotic, destroys more than 800 bacteria strains, including bacteria resistant to synthetic antibiotics.
Grapefruit pits, once they arrive in your stomach, have the effect of killing toxins, help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar and to stimulate immunity.

Administration method

Is actually very simple. All that you have to do is to wash thoroughly one grapefruit with apple cider vinegar and water to remove all chemicals, peel it off and throw all the slices into a juicer to prepare the most powerful antibiotic. The juice from only one grapefruit, drank on an empty stomach every morning, before breakfast will do magic to your body. Also you can drink this juice with 15 minutes before every meal but it doesn’t have to pass more than 2 hours after it was prepared.

Before preparing the juice, remove the seeds and grind them in a small grinder. Add the grapefruit seed powder in the grapefruit juice. This is actually the natural antibiotic that helps you to kill any bacteria in the body.
All the substances found inside this fruit work as a powerful weapon against viruses and infections, boosting your immune system.

The benefits of grapefruit for your health:

– Colds, influenza infection (drink 500 ml of grapefruit juice per day, for 3 days)
– Hangover (drink 1 liter of grapefruit juice, during the entire day, with small sips)
– Vitamin deficiency, anemia, fatigue, mental and physical fatigue (consume 1-2 fruits per day)
– Constipation (consume 1-2 fruits per day, before breakfast)
– Gallbladder stones (drink 1 glass of grapefruit juice, every morning on an empty stomach)
– Cholesterol and high blood sugar (consume 3-4 fruits per day for 3 weeks)
– Thrombophlebitis (drink 3 glasses of grapefruit juice per day for 10 days followed by one week break)
– Premature aging (consume ½ kg of fruits per day for 3 weeks)
– Oily skin (massage your skin with a slice of grapefruit daily, before bedtime and after 15 minutes wash with cold water)
– Acne (wipe your skin with grapefruit pulp several times a day).


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