Friday, February 28, 2020

These Are Signs You Might Be Getting Into Premature Menopause

Women in general tend to experience menopause at the age around 51 years. But, this number is an average and includes the women which enter into this stage earlier as well as those who experience it at a later age.

If some changes in your body worry you, then it might be right to suspect you might be entering into a premature menopause.

These are typical symptoms which might suggest the start of a premature menopause. If they worry you, then it might be a good idea to talk to your gynecologist.

Irregular period

Having an irregular period follows some women throughout their entire life. But if this is the case to those that haven’t had this occurrence, then it might be a clear indicator that something is not right, or at least something is changing. Typically a clear indicator is shortening the length of the period. It occurs sooner and then it won’t occur at all. If you suspect that your period might be shorter than usual, you should check if something is happening and consult your gynecologist so you can rule out the rest of the causers for this condition.

Heat waves

Heat waves can be perhaps the clearest indicator for menopause. Some women experience these heat waves once a day and some much more frequently. They come throughout the day and cause immediate sweating. Additionally they occur in the night as well and can disrupt your sleep.

Vaginal dryness

The Estrogen hormone is responsible for the healthy flora and humidity. Once the levels of this hormone decrease, vaginal dryness can occur and become a problem.

Mood swings

Another sign which can be taken as a warning is unstable mood. This can vary throughout the day and be quite different by the hour.

As mentioned above, these are just typical signs of what can be a premature menopause. If you suspect something and these symptoms present, it’s best to talk to your gynecologist so you can be on the safe side.


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