Sunday, March 1, 2020

BREAST CANCER: What Should Women In Their 30s And 50s Know

Breast cancer is the most widely spread kind of cancer among American women. It can appear at any age, however the risk increases the older a woman is. Due to some specific factors, some women may have an increased risk of getting this kind of cancer than other women. However, every woman should know what are the risks of this cancer, and what they can do to help decrease that risk.

Regular doctor visits and exams can help with the early detection of this cancer, thus increasing the chances for a successful treatment of the diseases, say German experts.

Here is what women who are in their thirties and their fifties should know about it:

Once they turn thirty years of age, they should have a regular gynecological exam, which includes a manual breast exam at least once a year.

Between the two visits to the doctor’s office, it is very important for women that they do a regular breast exam on their own so they can see if they notice any change. They should be informed by their doctor on how to do that kind of exam.

In addition to the physical breast exams, women which are over fifty years of age and older should do a mammogram every two years. In some cases because of the family history of breast carcinoma the doctor might recommend an early exams or more regular radiological exams.

The most important rule is:

If you notice a lump, change in size or the depth of your breasts, you should immediately call a gynecologist. If this is your case, then don’t wait until the next scheduled doctor’s appointment, but immediately schedule another exam that includes a breast exam as to detect the cancer in its early stages.


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