Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Healthy And Happy These Foods Cleanse The Body Of All Toxins

After the holidays and celebrations, it’s time to start taking care of our diet. Our body needs detoxification and elimination of all harmful substances. 

These groceries can help you with that.


It is interesting that garlic is often avoided because of its smell, but it has enormous detoxification power in our body. These are sulfides, which help the liver to clear all the toxins from our body.


Bertalan is the ingredient that gives the beetroot a specific red color, but it also helps to effectively remove harmful ingredients from our body.


Chlorophyll, its pigment responsible for green color, is thought to be the powerful ingredient we need to release dioxin, a dietary toxin linked to reproductive system disorders, as well as several types of cancer.

Flax seed

We must not neglect the importance of natural fibers in detoxification, and flaxseed is an excellent source of such fibers. Flaxseed lignans protect against toxic estrogen, and reduce the level of 17-beta estradiol in the blood associated with estrogen in dependent tumors.


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