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Identifying Estrogen Dominance In The Body And Treating It

Estrogen has always been neglected as being the little sister of testosterone. But recently scientists recognized the danger posed by an excess of estrogen in the body. It is important to flush out the excess hormone from the body.

The 10 Vital Signs That Show Possible Estrogen Dominance

1. An imbalance in the progesterone and estrogen hormones causes irregular periods. Estrogen levels spike excessively, about two times the normal level and then it drops suddenly.

2. Estrogen is associated with libido. As we near menopause, the progesterone levels decrease. Due to the increase in estrogen, abrupt mood swings occur. This can negatively affect your sexual life.

3. High levels of estrogen also lead to the uncontrolled growth of the body. This stresses out many women and hence they feel persistently tired.

4. The premenstrual syndrome we face in the 1st half of our period cycle is due to estrogen. It leads to issues like water retention, headache, and breast tenderness. It also affects our mood in general.

5. Hair loss is another symptom.

6. You may suddenly gain weight in the thigh and waist regions.

7. The dominance of estrogen also makes our mind foggy thus hindering our brain functions.

8. Your circadian rhythm is affected negatively.

9. The function of the thyroid gland is affected. It results in weight gain.

10. The metabolism slows down due to fluctuating estrogen levels.

Creating A Balance

Try not to consume estrogen from outside sources. Some non-organic products, cosmetics, and plastic bottles are such sources.

Flush Out The Excess Hormone

Constipation should be avoided at all costs. Drink enough water, eat more fibrous food and leafy vegetables. Probiotics will also help you out.

Detoxification of our inner system is essential. Exercise is mandatory and occasional sauna baths are also known to flush out toxins. Do breathing exercises for the lungs. A lymphatic massage will ensure a higher progesterone level.

Liver Is Important

Our liver excretes many of the wastes and toxins including excess estrogen. But only a healthy liver can do that, so supply it with essential nutrients. And stay away from alcohol and drugs. Take enough of vitamin B. Try not to overeat. Use natural products like milk thistle to improve liver functions.

Hormonal Balance

Calcium-D-glucarate helps in detoxifying our liver. DIM supports the metabolism of estrogen. Another option for balancing hormone metabolism is Indole 3 carbinol. A compound that detoxifies the liver is Sulforaphane.

Detox Your System

Use dandelion roots, milk thistle seeds, and other such organic herbs do the job. Matcha and passion flowers also help us relax and are good to energize us.

So, these are a few ways in which you can identify and treat the estrogen dominance in the body.


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