Monday, March 30, 2020

Main Stroke Warning Signs That You Should Not Ignore Easily!

Strokes are health related issues that generally affect the brain cells and the blood vessels found in this area. They can be hemorrhagic, strokes which are brain ruptures provoked by blood pressure, generally caused by arteriovenous or aneurysms or they can be ischemic and, in this case, the brain cells are blocked due to a lack of oxygen and nourishing substances.


– Difficulties in talking and understanding what others say;
– Paralysis;
– Sudden changes of mood – disappointment;
– You may feel your members or your face numb;
– Sight weakness.

It is very important to know how to recognize these signs in order to be able to describe the right situation to your doctor when you go to visit him. And the sooner, the better.

The F.A.S.T acronym can also be very helpful to identify if you suffer from strokes. What does it mean?

Face –a part of your face sags when you smile;
Arms – one of your arms is at a lower level than the other one when you try to lift them.
Speech – you cannot be coherent when you say common phrases;
Time – the sooner you identify the above mentioned symptoms and call a doctor, the better for you, because these signs appear out of the blue and can get worse with the same speed.

Risk factors:

– Diabetes;
– Age;
– High blood pressure;
– Smoking;
– Heart or blood related disorders;
– Migraines or aesthetic disruptions.


  • Even if these signs have vanished the same way they appear, you should still visit a doctor as they can return and in a more severe way;
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, based on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and physical exercises.
  • Do not confuse symptoms of strokes with those of migraines. The stroke signs appear out of the blue, whereas the migraine is announced slowly and gradually. Also, a migraine can be identified by the flashing lights that one may see, whereas strokes are introduced by hearing and vision loss.


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