Thursday, March 12, 2020

Why Some People Tie a Red Thread On Their Left Hand !

Wearing a red thread around the thread, especially on the left hand, is a Kabbalist tradition. Kabbalah is an esoteric discipline of the Jewish mysticism. The word literally means “reception, tradition or correspondence”.

However, among the people, wearing a red thread around the wrist first became popular when Madonna started this “trend”. The people followed, without asking is there anything more deeply connected with this?

This tradition actually has nothing to do with fashion, or popularity. It is believed to protect the one who’s wearing it from something bad. An evil eye, bad intentions of people or even dark, unexplained forces…

That’s why it is believed that after a woman conceives, she should definitely wear a red thread around the left wrist, because people can be especially devious and jealous towards pregnant women. But, for the “magic” to work, the thread must be put on the wrist by the lover or one of the closest relatives.

Also, a lot of difference is made depending on which hand the thread is worn. Wearing it on the right wrist, in the Jewish and also Hindu tradition is a sign that the person is not married.

Because the Kabbalists believe that the left hand is the gateway from the esoteric to your body, wearing the red thread on the left wrist will protect the one who’s wearing it from the evil things sent to you. If the bracelet is put on you by your lover, or if it’s taken or bought from a temple, it is considered to be more powerful.

But did you know that besides the traditional beliefs, the science has actually proven that wearing the thin thread on the left wrist can help solve serious health issues, such as restriction of blood circulation, inflammatory processes and different types of pain in the body.

Maybe the occult science was really about improving the health of the organism, but the given explanations are way more magically and spiritually expressed. Don’t you think?


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