Sunday, April 12, 2020

5 Signs That Your Kidney Is In Danger

Kidneys are very important for your health since they cleanse the body. One kidney filters about 10-150 quarts of your blood every single day. In addition, they eliminate unnecessary fluids from your body, produce red cells, regulate the electrolyte levels and regulate the blood pressure. Therefore, it is very important that we keep our kidneys healthy. These are some of the signs that can indicate kidney failure or damage.

1. Changes in the urine

The most common symptom for kidney damage is change in the urine. Keep an eye for the following things:

  • Trouble urinating
  • Urine’s color is pale and it is foamy, accompanied by increased urinating
  • Urine’s color is dark, accompanied by reduced need to urinate and reduced amount of urine
  • Need to urinate at night

2. Feeling fatigued

Kidneys are responsible for producing EPO, i.e. a hormone that produces red blood cells which supply the oxygen the body needs. If the number of your red blood cells is lowered, you will feel fatigued and experience brain and muscle damage.

3. Pain

Oftentimes, kidney damage or failure is accompanied with severe pain in the upper back, just where the kidneys are. This pain might also be the result of infections or stones.

4. Bad concentration or dizziness

If the brain isn’t getting the needed amount of oxygen, this can lead to anemia or kidney failure. Moreover, you will feel dizzy, unable to focus, having memory problems and light-headed.

5. Swellings

If the kidney is not functioning properly it cannot release the excess fluids. This might lead to swelling of the face, limbs and joints as well as bloating.


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