Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Fingernails Can Reveal A Lot About Your Health

Did you know that your fingernails can reveal a lot about your health? Yes, you read it right- nails are not just meant for manicures and nail art. They can be the indicator of your failing health. The edges of your nails, their color, and their shape can indicate many health conditions. So, don’t forget to look for the following signs in your fingernails.

Abnormally Rounded Nails

Do you have slightly puffed nails? Is the skin around your fingernails weirdly inflated? It that’s the case, you may have a breathing problem or a dysfunctional liver. If your nail bed is too round, it might be indicative of respiratory issues.

Brittle Or Flaky Nails

If your nails break quite often or are very brittle, it may be due to bacterial activity. It could also be due to genetic hormonal imbalance or thyroid.

Ridges On Nails

If your nails are not smooth and have uneven lines on them, you may suffer from arthritis. Another reason behind ridges on nails is a special case of lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease. In this condition, the body’s immune system starts attacking the healthy tissues.

Dunk In The Nails

This condition can happen for a number of reasons. You may have accidentally smashed your hand somewhere. Else, you might have pushed them too hard. However, sometimes it indicates that you may have a zinc deficiency in your body. It can also be the result of weak immunity or patchy skin around the nails.

Bending Nails

Hemochromatosis or hypothyroidism can cause the nails to bend in a weird plunging manner.

Split Nails

Just like your hair can have split ends, your nail plate can also split. This happens if you are not drinking enough water every day. The split often occurs right in the middle of the nail causing extreme pain. It can also indicate a lack of protein and Vitamin C in your body. This condition can lead to psoriasis if you don’t take care.

Extra Thick Nails

If your nails are unnaturally thick, it can be due to bacterial infection. Lung ailments and thyroid can also result in the thickening of nails.

Unnatural Color Of Nails

If you have pinkish-white nails and a crescent shape near the bed then it’s normal. If you have white nails then it is a sign of an unhealthy liver. Dull nails are a result of a lack of nutrients. Reddish lines on the nail can be a result of heart contamination. Internal bacterial growth can give a greenish color to your nails. And bluish color nails are a result of lack of oxygen.

Do not overlook the condition of your nails as they can reveal a lot about your physical health!


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