Friday, April 24, 2020

This Is What Happens If You Don’t Shower For Two Days

Taking showers is one of our daily habits. However, there comes a day or two when we feel too lazy to wash our bodies. That may be due to some hurry or just out of lethargy. But wait, is it a good thing or even healthy? Let’s see how skipping a bath back-to-back for 2 days can affect our body:

1. Bad bacteria gets stronger

There are thousands of varieties of microorganisms in the human body. Different types of bacteria, fungus, and other parasites are there which help our body to function properly and are good. But there are bad parasites too. Using soaps help us get rid of the harmful ones. So before these germs get inside our body and make us sick, we should take a proper bath and wash them off.

2. Gives us nasty odor

Even if we do not get sick, a very common issue that arises out of not taking a regular bath is that our body smells…and it smells really bad. It appears that some of the bacteria cause body odor and if not washed properly, as many as 30 varieties of unpleasant smells can come out of our body. Just think, even your best mate will run away from a smelly you!

3. Skin gets unhealthy

Last but not the least, we should take showers for healthy skin. Unless the pores are clean, the oil within the skin builds up and creates blemishes. Especially, after workouts, one should not continue in the same sweaty soggy clothes for an indefinitely long time. The soaking clothes may lead to irritation, rashes or even skin abrasions. As Dr. Holly L. Phillips, a women’s health physician warned Women’s Health, such unhealthy skin may raise the risk of bacterial and fungal infections, like staph and jock itch.

So dermatologists suggest that, even if a shower is skipped, one should daily change their sweaty clothes and make sure that armpits, groin, and face are cleaned. These areas attract germs mostly.

While skipping showers too often is not ideal, daily long drawn showers can also prove unhealthy. Spending too much time under the water washes away the essential oils from our skin and leaves it dry and itchy. Just a regular shower can be sufficient to fight the germs and keep ourselves up and running.

So, go for the easy way, take a nice shower daily and most of the problems will be solved.


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