Wednesday, May 27, 2020

7 Hidden Diseases That Every Woman Should Be Concerned About

There are certain diseases that are subtle. They are present and acting inside your body but you would not feel its effect unless something drastic takes place. And that thing can make you hospitalized or inactive for a month or so. Let alone the immense amount of psychological distress that it would create.

But the great thing about our body is that it tries to indicate any problem that it is going through beforehand. So, if you have any these bodily symptoms, then you might be suffering from some major disease internally. Always keep a check on your body and look out for these signs:


When we tend to go to the bathroom more than we are supposed to, we take our water intake as the culprit. However, it is not always so. This could be a symptom of kidney damage or some kind of infection in the urinary tract. The problem can indicate a misbalance of vaginal flora or hormones. After urinating, if you need still feel thirty, then you might be suffering from diabetes

How to understand: If you require to go to the bathroom often, then that’s the first warning sign. Generally, one should visit the bathroom 4-5 times in a day after having the regular amount of drinking water. More than that means you must make an appointment with the doctor.


If you are suddenly losing weight, you should not get excited. Unexplained weight loss can be a symptom of cancer, Crohn’s diseases or type 2 diabetes.

How to understand:Counting from the previous month, if you see a marked change in weight, about 10-15 pounds, even though you are not working out or engaged in some kind of diet – then, you are experiencing sudden weight loss.


When you suddenly get hairs at odd places and almost start resembling a man, this can be a problem. It is referred to as hirsutism, and apart from the alterations of appearance, it can indicate problems like metabolism issues, infertility, endometrialdiseases and even, breast cancer.

How to understand:Not all body hair is in excess and women do have body hair. However, if you feel that your moustache is growing thicker than usual, then you should go to a doctor.


Generally, bleeding should be stemmed after reaching menopause. But often, women experience bleeding even after menopause. It is dangerous and can indicate cervicitis, pathological problems, myoma or uterine cancer.

How to understand:If you are someone who takes hormone therapy, then you can experience bleeding after menopause for about two years. But if you are not taking this therapy, you must go to the doctor.


Breast cancer is hard to detect. If you start feeling pain in your lymph nodes and your breasts, then, it has already become too late.

How to understand:Observe your body so that you can detect breast cancer early. Your nipples might swell up or be wrinkled and red with some lumps. Feeling pain in your breasts during your periods is quite common but if it happens all the time, then you should consult the doctor.


When you are experiencing abnormal excretions, then it could mean that you have an infection or the body is going through some inflammation. It can also be due to unprotected sex. It’s time to see the doctor.

How to understand:When you are having excretions, they should not turn out to be smelly or greenish in color. Don’t confuse these excretions with those that you get when you are going through periods.


Heavy period flow can be due to many reasons: climate change, inherited condition or excess working out. It can also be something serious like endometriosis thyroid dysfunction, uterine myoma and even anemia.

How to understand:Generally, periods should last for a week. It should not have bright red color to it. The cycle should go from 21 days to about 35 days. There should be a consistency to periods too. If none of these conditions are getting fulfilled with your monthly cycle, then it’s time to go to the doctor.

Keep your eyes open for any changes in your body. Don’t underestimate your health. Remember, being healthy is of utmost importance.


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