Saturday, May 30, 2020

8 Successful Treatments For Pain Caused By Sciatica

Patients suffering from Sciatica will feel a severe pain that runs through their lower bodies. Weak, numb, and burning sensations also accompany the pain. This occurs when something in your body compresses the sciatic nerve. Proper treatment is important because if it is left unchecked, it can permanently impair movement and balance. Below are some ways to alleviate sciatic pain using home remedies:

1.Cat-Cow Workout

Designed to make you more flexible and strong, this exercise is great for your spine. Go down on all fours keeping your hands and knees in line with your shoulders and hips respectively. Breathe in and raise your head while lowering your stomach to the ground. Breathe out and bring your head towards your hips while arching your back. Do this at least twenty times.

2.Stretch Your Hamstrings

Great for alleviating the pain, hamstring stretches are quick and easy. Sit down on the ground and while keeping your left leg outstretched bend your right leg from the knee and touch your right foot to the inside of your left thigh. Stretch out your arm and try to touch your left foot while bent at the waist. Stay in this position for about half a minute.

3.Bird-Dog Workout

Aimed at relaxing your back and strengthening your glutes, go down on your all fours just like you did with cat-cow. Then stretch out your left arm and right leg. Keep your back straight at all times. Stay like this for about 10 seconds then repeat using the right arm and left leg. Do this at least fifteen times.


Doing this exercise will ensure that your butt and piriformis are adequately stretched out. Sit up and ensure that your feet are touching. Put your hands on your knees and bend forward from the waist bringing your chest to your legs. Stay in this position for about half a minute.

5.Bathe Your Feet In Vinegar

Combine warm water, 500ml apple cider vinegar, along with a cup of salt in a bucket. Keep your feet in this mixture for about a quarter of an hour before you go to sleep. Doing this a few times every week will help alleviate the effects of sciatica.


An age-old practice originating from China, acupuncture will soothe the pain in your lower body. Ensure that you go to a qualified professional and that proper hygiene is maintained during the procedure.


Massaging the painful areas which include the piriformis and sciatic trigger points will give you speedy and effective relief.


Staying seated in the same position from a long time will only cause you more pain. Ensure that you perform adequate amounts of physical activity every day. By doing so, there will be more blood circulating to the affected nerves and this will soothe the inflammation that is causing you pain.
While keeping all these treatments in mind, also consult with a physician to ensure that you are doing whatever works best for you.


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