Monday, May 18, 2020

Put this on belly button to get glowing skin..

To solve our skin problems generally we put lot of things on our face, some of them works but some of them cause side effects also that actually harm our skinToday I am going to share about few oils and ingredients that you have to apply on your belly button (navel) soft supple and beautiful skin.
Ghee – Applying ghee on navel is very old and ancient Indian beauty tradition for getting the soft and glowing skin.Ghee moisturizes the skin and makes it brighter and supple.

Honey – Honey provides numerous health benefits to our body. Placing a drop of raw honey on navel can treat many skin problems too.

Rose water – One of the most useful ingredients in cosmetics. Daily application of rose water on belly button can enhance your skin tone and make it more beautiful and flawless.

Neem oil – A medicinal oil that repairs the damage skin and hairs and makes them soft and beautiful.The germ fighting properties of neem make it a most effective remedy for acne and red pimples.Applying few drops of Neem oil on belly button can give you to get pimples free clear and flawless skin.

Lemon oil-Lemon is a great source of vitamin C that helps to remove face pigmentation and brighten the skin tone.Applying lemon oil in your navel at night helps to remove scars and dark spots.

Almond oil – Applying few drops of almond oil on belly button works amazing on face and body.Make it little warm as it gets easily absorbed by the body and improves skin health while healing the dryness.

How to apply oil on belly button-

  • Take mention oils and ingredients in a bowl.
  • Dip cotton balls in oil and keep it on your navel (belly button).
  • Keep it on navel for 10-15 minutes until oils get absorbed.
  • Or you can massage gently for 5 minutes.


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