Friday, June 19, 2020

How I Grow My Hair Long In One Month? The Best Natural Recipe!

I’m writing this post because I tried this method on myself and I’m really satisfied with the results. So, my article about how I grow my hair long in one mount, the best natural recipe, will be a review of what I was doing for 1 month to get a longer hair, as every woman would wish for.

As every woman, I wanted to experiment with my hair color. So, I colored my hair in honey blonde color. I have to admit, my hair looked amazing. However, I think that darker hair (my natural) suits my better. That’s why I decided that I need to grow my hair faster and I desperately needed some method that will help me to achieve that. I didn’t have a big budget so I decided to use natural remedies instead of buying oils and pills from the market.

I was searching through the internet for some recipe that will catch my eye and make me try it on my hair. And, then, boom! I found the perfect recipe for growing the hair, which at the end it ended up like the most successful. So, here’s what you need:

  • One Jar Of Organic Coconut oil

Yes, that’s it. I ordered my jar of coconut oil at the and it was really good. The name is Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce which you can order for your self too and be satisfied like me

So, how did I used it?

It’s pretty simple. I wash my hair approximately two times per week. Before every wash, I put 2 tea spoons of the coconut oil in a microwave just to melt it (because it’s white and hard). After the coconut becomes watery, the first thing I do is apply it in the scalp of my hair and massage it. If there’s anything left from the coconut oil, you can apply it all over your hair. Keep your hair like that for hour or two, so the coconut oil can feed your scalp and your hair. After that, wash your hair as you always do. Your hair will look amazing after the first treatment. The most important thing is that your hair will grow rapidly. Give it a try!


Thanks for reading How I Grow My Hair Long In One Month? The Best Natural Recipe!

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