Sunday, July 26, 2020

11 Signs Your Man Is Tired Of You

It is generally believed that good relationships involve periodic quarrels. Nevertheless, all quarrels are different. If you have already beaten against each other for two hours, then you have problems in your relationship. Many people do not realize that their partner no longer has feelings for them.

Many people mistakenly believe that when they have less sex than they used to it is a sure sign of lost feelings. It just means that it’s time for love. Hormones no longer shoot at you when you see each other, you have a lot of work, and you get tired.

The real problem is visible only when you can not get reciprocity from your partner for many days, and when you wonder whether he is all right, he assures that everything is great. Most likely, he either had a mistress, or he does not have any feelings.

Feelings can cool down for various reasons, but the only way out is a break up. Lost feelings can not be returned. To understand if you still have a chance to restore your relationship, look through these 11 signs and find out, if you men is really tired of you:

1. He does not call you and avoids you. He does not answer your calls.

2. He used to call you several times a day, but not now.

3. He communicates with all people except you on the party. He does not touch you.

4. He does not kiss you and avoids hugs.

5. You see each other very rarely. He is no longer interested in you.

6. He is always in a bad mood and angry.

7. He does not share his life with you.

8. He is not interested in your life. There is no intimacy between you.

9. You used to spend hours in your bed, but now this disappeared somewhere.

10. You lost the ability to have fun and to laugh together

11. He blames you in all your problems.


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