Wednesday, July 29, 2020

5 Important Health Tests You Can Do At Home

Some people avoid preventive medical exams either because they don’t have the time or because they are afraid of doctors. However, you can do a couple of health tests on your own. These methods will help you discover whether it’s time to see an expert or you are completely well.


You will need a piece of paper, a pen or a marker, and some help from a friend. Draw a clock and tell your friend to tell you the time in hours and minutes. Then draw the clock handles on the correct time. This test includes a lot of processes in the brain. Parts responsible for the movement of the hands and the visual perception are working at higher levels, therefore the inability to draw the clock and its handles might be a sign of dementia.


You will need to scales. Stand with the left foot one and with the right foot on the other scale. The weight on both scales should be about the same. If there is a big difference in the results, that shows how much your hip might be dislocated. It is best to see a doctor.


Look at your nails. If they are rough and cracked or have white stains that are not just a cosmetic problem. This condition shows that your body doesn’t have enough vitamin B, or there is a high risk of osteoporosis.


Try to hear what people are talking about at a distance of about 5-6 meters. If you cannot understand anything, it is best to see a doctor. It is important that this method doesn’t always work at noisy places. In a cafe with loud music, you cannot even hear the person sitting next to you.


Look in a mirror in which you can see your whole body. Is there fat above your waist? Those are fats around your liver which prevent him from functioning properly. On the other hand, yellow eyes, fat (especially on the eyelids) and a stained tongue are also symptoms there might be something wrong with your liver.


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