Sunday, August 16, 2020

10 Ideas To Inspire You To Get Rid Of The Extra Weight

You finally decided to get rid of the extra weight. The success will depend on your ability to stay motivated during the whole journey. In the beginning, it will be easy, but in time you will face some problems. Keep in mind that this is completely normal. There will be days when you’ll be really motivated, but there will be days when you won’t want to leave the house.


Love and appreciation
Love inspires motivation. When you love yourself, you will be motivated to love your body and all things it’s able to do.

Be dedicated
If you are not dedicated, you’ll motivation will suffer. Make a public dedication announcement to be more motivated.

Find a mentor or a work-out partner
The mentor or partner will keep you even more motivated. It is great to have someone to inspire you.

Animals are also motivating
If you have a dog, you will be more active. Dogs need to be taken on walks and this will be an extra physical activity for you as well.

Ask yourself whether your goals are realistic. As you already know, the normal weight loss is 1 kilogram per week, so if your goal is to lose 4 kilograms until the end of the week, you won’t achieve that.

Don’t quit
You’re on your way to change your lifestyle. Keep in mind that this does not happen in a few days. It takes time for a new habit to be formed.

Don’t weight yourself every day
It is enough to check your weight once a week. If you do it every day it will be bad because you will hardly notice any difference in the kilograms.

Music can be really motivating. Researches have shown that people who listened to music during exercising achieved their goals more often.

Keep your jeans
Maybe you have some jeans or a piece of clothing that is now too tight, but you hope you will be able to wear it. Don’t throw them away, let them motivate you.

Your body will change as you change your eating and exercising habits. Take pictures from the beginning and then take another one every 30 to 60 days. When you notice the progress you will be even more motivated.

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