Sunday, August 9, 2020

10 Unlikely Uses For Vicks VapoRub That Will Solve Your Biggest Problems

You probably know what Vicks VapoRub is – the minty ointment is present in almost any home in the world. We mainly use it in cases of chest congestion, flu and colds, but there are many uses for the ointment which you probably weren’t aware about.

For example, VapoRub can heal cracked skin, eliminate wrinkles and relieve ear infections as well.


Potty Train Your Pets

If you don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on potty training for your pets, you can use VapoRub. Just rub it on the places they like to pee most in your home and they will stay away. The ointment will also prevent your pets from scratching your furniture or eating your shoes, so use it to your advantage.

Foot Care

VapoRub is a powerful moisturizer which can heal your cracked heels and elbows and make them look as good as new. Just rub a bit on your heels before going to bed, then put on cotton socks and leave it to work overnight. Rinse your feet with warm water in the morning and they should look much better. The ointment can also help in cases of toenail fungus. If you’re suffering from the infection, just rub it on your toenails until it goes away.

Reduces The Appearance of Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

Want to fade away your wrinkles and stretch marks? Vicks can help. Rub it on the affected area every day and the stretch marks and fine lines on your face will fade away soon.

Heals Bruises

Rub a bit of VapoRub and salt on your bruises to reduce their appearance and accelerate the healing process.

Eliminates Acne

Rub a bit of the ointment on your acne and pimples before going to bed every night in order to get rid of them quickly.

Relieves Earache

If you happen to be suffering from an ear infection, all you need to do is put a cotton ball with some VapoRub on it in your ear and leave it for a couple of hours. The ointment will relieve the infection and reduce the pain in your ear.

Repels Insects

If flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects are bothering in the summer, rub some VapoRub on your arms and legs. This will keep them away and prevent an infection on insect bites and stings as well.

Makes You Cry

Well, this is funny – if you ever need to look like you’ve been crying, apply a bit of VapoRub under your eyes. The powerful minty aroma will make you cry and make your eyes red, but make sure not to get it into your eyes or you’ll cry from pain for real.

Accelerates The Healing Of Cuts And Wounds

The menthol and camphor in the ointment will help accelerate the healing of minor cuts and wounds.

Eliminates Fat

Mix some VapoRub with baking soda, camphor and a bit of alcohol to create a powerful fat burner that will eliminate all the accumulated fat from your body.


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